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April 19, 2021

A dental extraction is a favored dental procedure. Dental extractions are usually a desperate remedy when all other options or treatments have failed. Our primary goal here at San Marcos Dental Center is to protect your dental structure and keep your teeth healthy. Nevertheless, there are times when extracting teeth is unavoidable. 

Under what circumstances should a patient have dental extraction

  • Wisdom teeth removal – Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a great deal of pain and affect your overall dental structure. 
  • Orthodontia – This process or treatment is to improve the alignment of your teeth. If your teeth are overcrowded, the dentist will extract teeth to make more space. 
  • Infection – Periodontal disease or tooth decay that affects your teeth and gums.
  • Chipped or broken teeth – In some cases, dentists can save a tooth if there is enough blood supply, but if the blood vessels are damaged the teeth have to be extracted 

Are dental extractions painful and is it a long procedure? 

On your first visit, we will perform a full dental exam where our dentist will assess your dental health. 

If your teeth are beyond repair you will be scheduled for a dental extraction. In most cases, the procedure is done on the same day, unless you have pre-existing medical conditions or clearance from your physician. The dentist will perform a simple extraction or surgical. 

  • Numbing of gums – The dentist will use a local anesthetic on your gums and jaw. In the case of surgical extraction, the dentist will use dental sedation. This helps to calm the patient and reduce discomfort. 
  • Dental extraction – The dentist will use forceps and dental elevators to remove your teeth
  • Closing the socket – This is where your dentist will stitch the affected area to help with the healing process. 

What is the post-operative dental care that is required?  

  • Taking all prescribed antibiotics 
  • Ice and compression
  • Elevating your head 
  • Don’t brush and do not use straws to drink with. 

Once your teeth have been removed the dentist may make a recommendation for cosmetic dentistry. Our main goal would be to replace any missing teeth that might be a threat to your dental structure. Several treatments are available such as dental implants and bridges. 

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