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Looking for a dentist in San Marcos and San Diego County who can give your family high quality and affordable dental care? We know how critical it is for the health and happiness of your family to find just the right dental team. We believe that our hard work is apparent in the overwhelmingly positive feedback that the San Marcos Dental Center receives, and to help you make your important decision we would like to share with you the following reviews and testimonials that we believe give an accurate depiction of the quality of care you are sure to receive with our team.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us, simply use the appointment scheduler button in the right sidebar or visit our contact page!

I have going to Dr Hurt for over 13 years. Staff is wonderful. They are friendly and i consider them like an extension of my family. Dr Hurt has never tried to make you buy services when it was not needed like other dentists I encountered. I have recommended my friends who got ripped off by other dentists. Dr Hurt even though his name is scary is a great dentist. He has always been gentle. Great staff. Great dentist. Thumbs up.

PK J. (San Marcos, CA)

Dr. Hurt and his staff are excellent. Always top of the line customer service and professional. Nobody likes going to the Dr., Hospital or Dentist, but having someone that can make the experience comfortable makes all the difference and that’s what they do. I highly recommend Dr. Hurt and all his staff to anyone that needs a top of the line Dentist.

Matt W. (Vista, CA)

Dr Hurst and Dr Shepard are wonderful dentists! The assistants are great! I have been there for years and each every time I am there they are always friendly and happy. I even carry their business cards to hand out to people who are looking for good dentist because I trust them.

Maria H. (Vista, CA)

I have been coming here for the last ten years and I absolutely love it. The staff is wonderful, nice, friendly, and always very informative. I love Dr. Hurt and Dr. Shepard. They are both so wonderful. I have been getting fast braces from Dr. Shepard since September and it has been a wonderful experience so far. I can already tell they are working and straightening my teeth. They have also been very painless. I recommend any and everyone to come here for braces and dental work.

Kurt H. (Redlands, CA)

Dr. Ochoa and his dental assistant work so well together with confidence and expertise that my experience in the dental chair is relaxed and comfortable. I like the progressive comments about how the procedure is going – it helps me to know everything is going according to plan. Most importantly, there is very little, if any, discomfort once the “numb” goes away.

Tracie H. (San Diego, CA)

Love This Dentist!! Get A Wonderful Cleaning, Best You’ll Ever Have, By Mena. Very Caring Staff. Dr. Shepard And Dr. Hurt Are The Best Dentists i’ve Ever Been To And I’m An Old Gal !!!

L B. (San Marcos, CA)

Best dental experience I’ve had! Dr hurt started with the teeth that hurt the worst and got me out of pain. Despite his last name being Hurt, It hasn’t hurt too bad. I would recommend him to a friend.

Jesse F. (Vista, CA)

I have found the Dentist that’s the best for everything the teeth could want. Very personable staff and Dentist is smart, funny, innovative, trustworthy, fair, honest, and skilled with lots of experience. Just a good healthy atmosphere. Thanks to Dr Hurt and all your great staff.

Rita O. (San Marcos, CA)

Like many others, I DREAD the dentist. However, as such an important part of my health, I knew I had to go and face the fear. For starters, for my schedule I need either evening or weekend availability and not many offices are open on Saturdays and if they are, sometimes it’s only the hygienists (or a few months wait due to scheduling)- Not here, I was able to get in on a Saturday with short notice and was very pleased with my overall experience.

For someone such as myself, nervous of the chair, the overall feel of the office was comforting. All the staff members are knowledgeable and have no problem stopping for a minute and explaining in “simple terms”. For my consult, rather than bombarding me with everything that may be wrong with me, the Dr. asked me what they could do for ME today. What was I looking for out of my visit? Like most, I started with the whiter, cleaner teeth route… but then realized I really just wanted a healthy looking and FEELING smile. These people helped me do just that. So we began, the music (of my choice) was put on and I began to relax and know that these professionals weren’t just your average dentist, out looking for the next client, they were here because they wanted to help ME.

Come to find out, I needed work. Good news! The front desk personnel aren’t just admin, these ladies are there for you to figure out how to make it happen and at your pace: insurance, payment plans, etc. I walked away scratch free and actually looking forward to my next cleaning.

I would recommend this office to any friends or family out there looking for a dentist. Honest evaluation, tremendous amount of expertise, no pressure to make a move, comfortable setting and genuinely nice people, plus, no pain… what else could you ask for?!

P.S. Did I mention that since I was ever so apprehensive at the beginning of my appointment that the Dr. called me later in the afternoon after my appointment, to check in and make sure I was okay and extend his help for anything that I may need? Yep, that’s right folks, this is the primary dentist you want to see!

E W. (San Diego, CA)

went to san marcos dental had a really bad cavity under my crown Dr hurt was able to save my tooth with very little pain why other dentist said I needed extracted he saved it and it really good job very happy highly recommend

Marshall B. (Escondido, CA)

Keep in mind this review is being written by a person who WAS PETRIFIED of even making a dental appointment, never mind actually having work done. Well, that all ended when I met Dr. Hurt and his team. They are absolutely the BEST dental team ever!!!! They are so caring and make having the work done as painless as possible. For the first time in my life, I am looking for to having my teeth fixed and a brand new smile. He may have the name Dr. Hurt but he is truly Dr. Gentle….. Looking for a great dentist give Dr. Hurt and his team a call. You will not regret it……

Maureen Q. (San Marcos, CA)

I’ve had numerous cavities filled, as well as all four (boo!) of my wisdom teeth removed here. Dr. Hurt is a wonderful dentist and ortho-surgeon, and I’ll never go anywhere else. The office is clean and inviting, two things I rarely find together in medical buildings. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, I’ve always been welcomed as soon as I walk inside, and never left alone in the dentists chair for more than 5 minutes. Dr. Hurt is amazing when it comes to injections, I’ve never been in pain or discomfort for any of the procedures. He is always very reassuring, making sure I’m not freaking out (face it! going to the dentist can be terrifying haha), and always checking on my comfort level during procedures. The office is also part of a medical credit card system- you apply for a card and you can pay off your procedures month by month instead of all at once. I recommend Dr. Hurt and his staff to anyone and everyone, probably a little too eagerly…

Shelby Z. (Santa Cruz, CA)

Well, in contrast to another patient, I had the best experience. I needed a root canal and was in a lot of pain. I called everywhere in North San Diego for emergency treatment–to no avail. Luckily, ZocDoc recommended Dr. Hurt. Here he is, with his wonderful staff, staying past closing and doing an incredible job. I was in dire straits at 4 pm and all taken care of by 8pm. Just to set the record straight, in my humble opinion, this dental office is awesome.

Johnny Turner

Amazing Dentist! Explains everything thoroughly! His staff is amazing and friendly! I love the fact that they go over the treatment plan (showing cost) before starting any procedures. Being a college student I need to know an estimate of my expenses before doing anything! They are great when working with my insurance and stretching out the usage of it! Thank you so much! You guys are awesome! I have referred my entire family here, even my cousins from San Diego, they drive 45 mins to San Marcos to get there teeth done here! OH, and I love the fact that the hygienist Mina, who is already amazing does a 50 min regular teeth cleaning instead of the normal average of 30 mins. At other dentist office I feel like they rush it! This is the first time I learned about getting numbers on my gum level to make sure I don’t have big pockets or gum disease. Learned something new, and I feel like she takes her time and care on me! My official new dentist! Thank you San Marcos Dental Center

Leslie Brandon

I highly recommend this office and the great service of Dr Ochoa. I had a root canal done recently and it went about as good as that serious of a procedure can go. The office called me that evening to check on my pain level as well as the following morning. The office offers excellent service, they’re friendly and very accommodating when it comes to working around your schedule. I don’t like needles but Dr Ochoa is great with injections.Very good experience. I highly recommend San Marcos Dental Center.

Tiffany H.

Dr Hurt you and your staff are tops. Thank you for always being there when I need you. It’s hard for me to make appointment but when I have an opening you always seem to fit me in. I really appreciate that!

Monica Jones

Best Dentist Period. Walk in the office to genuine smiles and highly skilled office staff. Freindly family atmosphere, you will forget you are at a dentist. Dr. Hurt corrected some bad previous work I had done elsewhere and helped me avert a root canal. DR. Hurt does everything on site , root canals , fillings and implants. You will always get consistent quality work done. He doesn’t just fix things (which he does well) , but he finds root causes. For example. I had a cracked tooth . He trimmed the opposite tooth on top to prevent future issues, you will really appreciate the attention to detail ! He listens and responds to any concerns you might have. thanks SMDC !!

James Richards

Excellent care, excellent staff. I do not regret switching from my old dentist to Dr. Hurt. Like comparing Apples and Oranges.

Ehber Miller