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9 tips on maintaining your cosmetic veneers 

July 10, 2022

Cosmetic veneers can dramatically enhance your smile by correcting imperfections and turning flaws into a thing of the past. With diligent care and maintenance, cosmetic veneers can remain vibrant and strong for over a decade before needing replacement.

Durability of Cosmetic Veneers

The typical lifespan of cosmetic veneers averages around ten years. However, with attentive care and maintenance, this period can extend, potentially allowing your veneers to last up to 20 years. Ensuring that your cosmetic veneers are correctly applied from the outset can save future time and expenses. It’s crucial to collaborate with a trusted cosmetic dentist to guarantee your smile is exceptional from the beginning.

Extending the Life of Your Veneers

Even with the best intentions, failing to properly care for your teeth means your dental veneers might not endure as long as possible. To maximize the longevity of your investment, consider these guidelines:

Refrain From Using Teeth as Tools

Avoid using your teeth to open packages or chew on non-food items like pen caps or fingernails. Such habits can cause your veneers to chip or crack under pressure.

Steer Clear of Tobacco Products

Tobacco products can stain your teeth, and veneers are not immune. To maintain the brilliance of your white veneers, it’s best to avoid tobacco.

Limit Dark-Colored Foods and Drinks

Common culprits like red pasta sauce, berries, cola, coffee, tea, and wine can leave surface stains on your teeth. Moderation and rinsing with water after consuming these can help keep your smile bright.

Commit to Daily Flossing

Even with veneers, it’s essential to floss daily. Regular flossing maintains healthy gums and helps prevent diseases that could affect the fit of your veneers.

Protect Your Smile with a Mouthguard

For those active in sports or who grind their teeth at night, a dental guard is crucial to prevent damage to your veneers. A guard is an excellent way to maintain the condition of your veneers.

Select Appropriate Oral Hygiene Products

Using a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste is key to cleaning your veneers gently. The right oral hygiene products can significantly extend the life of your veneers.

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