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How painful are dental implants? What is the recovery time?

May 17, 2021

Dental implants are the best way to restore missing teeth? Why?
There are several advantages to restoring your teeth with dental implants. Dental implants have the aesthetic and function just like your natural teeth. Nevertheless anytime the word “surgery” is used in most cases there is a derogatory connotation or stigma that comes with it. The most frequent question we receive in the office from existing patients is: “ How painful are dental implants?”

Does it hurt?

First lets go over the surgical phase of the process…

#1 You will be numbed with local anesthesia, and will not start the procedure until the tooth and affected area are numb.
#2 A gap or space is created in your jawbone and gums for the titanium posts. Our dentists will use a 3-D imaging to precisely place the best long term results.

#3 The post is then surgically inserted and secured.

Our primary focus to mitigate your pain is handled in step one with local anesthesia, This is inherently the answer to your question “ How painful are dental implants?” Local anesthesia will desensitize the nerves. With the nerves numb you can expect not to feel any pain during your dental implant surgery. However you might feel some pressure but it should not cause the patient too much discomfort. For patients that have anxiety with dental procedures there is oral sedation available.

How do I know If I am a good candidate?

If you are missing more than one tooth then dental implants are a good possibility. But in some cases there might be a few more steps. When you break, chip or lose a tooth the surrounding area begins to deteriorate. To sufficiently obtain a dental implant you may need enough bone to support the post. So depending on how long your tooth has been missing, you may not have enough bone left behind.

If your tooth is extracted in our office we can help patients restore lost bone through what’s known as a bone graft. This procedure uses bone grafting materials to build up your bone structure needed for the dental implant.

How long is the recovery?

Most of our patients consider this process just as easy as having teeth extracted. In most cases you can return to work the following day. If you begin to notice pain or discomfort we recommend over the counter ibuprofen. Very similar to most dental surgeries you want to avoid hard foods at all costs, and use of an ice pack frequently to help reduce swelling. The healing process can take up to three to four months. Once it is fully healed you will be fully ready for the next step: crown restoration, which will look like a natural tooth!

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