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Facts about Dental Extraction

August 15, 2021

Back in the day  when you were still a child, losing a tooth meant a visit from the tooth fairy. Cheerlessly, as soon as you got all your permanent teeth, it became significantly less entertaining. There is a bundle of logic why you might need a tooth extraction to maintain your oral health, such as tooth impaction, to stop overcrowding, or a decayed tooth. While a tooth extraction may not be enjoyable it’s not as eerie or harrowing as it once was. With modern procedures and several sedation choices, When a tooth needs to be pulled, our team strives to ensure you feel comfortable from beginning to end. Read on to learn about both types of  tooth extractions and most frequently asked questions why a tooth or teeth may need to be pulled.


There are diverse reasons that a tooth might need to be extracted. To begin, the team at San Marcos Dental Center will resolve the reason for your dental problem. Then, they will be able to determine which kind of tooth removal best matches your case. Almost all dental extractions fall into two major categories:

    A dentist will perform a simple extraction if the tooth can be seen over the gums. It can be loosened using a tool known as an elevator, and then the crown and root are removed from the jawbone and gum tissue. This method is usually selected when a tooth is seriously infected, very decayed, or irreparable, or to make room for overcrowded teeth.
    A surgical extraction will be conducted if the crown hasn’t fully erupted out of the gums. Therefore, an incision is necessary to get to the tooth below the gums. If necessary, the tooth may be cut into pieces for a smoother extraction. Extraction surgery is usually used to take out the back molars or a tooth that hasn’t erupted.

A dental extraction could be performed for many reasons, such as to prevent decay from spreading, to treat an impaction, or simply to provide your remaining teeth additional space. Dealing with all of these issues at San Marcos Dental Center is key to obtaining your healthiest, most alluring smile. Visit our practice in San Marcos Dental Center to set up a consultation with our knowledgeable staff to determine if a simple or surgical extraction could be the best solution for a healthier, more attractive smile.

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