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Details you need to know about cosmetic veneers

April 7, 2021
Cosmetic Veeners

Cosmetic veneers are a phenomenal way to rehabilitate your smile, especially if you are dealing with unpleasant stains, discoloration, or otherwise unattractive teeth. Cosmetic veneers are one of the swiftest and most efficient dental procedures to restore and preserve your smile. Our team here at San Marcos Dental Center will do a thorough dental examination to uncover if you are indeed a good candidate for cosmetic veneers. At the end of the day cosmetic veneers is the swiftest and most efficient dental procedure to restore your smile to its former glory. 

The veneers themselves act as a shell or casing to cover your teeth to mask any defects. The shells are simply bonded to your teeth using dental cement. Cosmetic veneers in most cases are composed of composite resins, ceramics and porcelain. 

Before attaching the veneer to the tooth itself, our dentists will have to remove a small piece of your enamel. This process is needed to accommodate enough space for your new veneers. Once the bonding agents have been set your veneers will function just like your original teeth. A key benefit with veneers is there isn’t a cleaning procedure. You can manage and maintain your veneers with the same daily cleaning regiment. 

Why should I choose cosmetic veneers? 

Veneers can cover a wide range of dental issues such as hiding stains, discolorations, spaces or gaps, and badly shaped teeth. After the veneers are installed you will immediately reap the reward of a new perfect set of teeth. Since veneers are made with composites, or porcelain they are engineered to last and will not stain as easily over time. You will need to take proper care of them just like your normal set of teeth, since there are other health complications such as gum disease or tooth decay that can affect your veneers. 

Are you interested in cosmetic veneers? Please call us today to schedule a consultation with cosmetic veneers so you can have that new smile with just a few visits! 

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