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5 truths about Dental Implants

March 30, 2021

Dental implants are an amazing chance for any patient to restore their teeth to their former splendor. Aesthetic and functional dental implants are a great way to enhance your smile. 

A dental implant’s main purpose is to replace missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants are tailored custom for each patient to work cohesively with your existing teeth. These are five truths about dental implants that most patients may not know: 

Tooth loss is more common than you think 

“According to epidemiological studies, it is estimated that 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth and about 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth. As we age, the problem gets worse as 30 percent of adults between 65-74 years old have no natural teeth.”

Dental Hardware are engineered stronger than roots 

A lot of patients when coming to visit our office think that crowns and implants are the same. Unfortunately, it’s inaccurate. Dental implants are shaped like hardware screws and surgically implanted into the jawbone. The bone surrounding the implant must before any restorative work can be complete. 

Dental implants surgeries are low-risk

Reports on dental surgeries and statistics show a success rate as high as 95% in most cases. 

Old age, poor bone health, are accredited to a higher risk for surgery failure. Dental implant surgery is considered very low risk and instances of minor complications are far and few between. Patients of course will experience the normal discomfort of pain directly at the implant site, along with facial swelling and mild bruising. Gum bleeding and sensitivity may occur after surgery 

Bone grafting might be needed 

Even though it sounds like a serious procedure, bone grafting is a normal part of the routine of improving the overall success rate. Bone grafts create a better foundation and base for your implants. The most common scenario used in surgeries is artificial bone. Once your jaw has healed you will be ready to proceed with your implant surgery. 

Postoperative aftercare is simple

Taking care of your teeth and mouth after surgery is relatively easy. The main objective is to keep the area clean to reduce the chances of infections. Saltwater rinses are a simple way to disinfect your mouth. Recommended to repeat several times a day and most importantly after meals. Following a strict diet of only soft foods is helpful after your surgery. Avoiding hot food also and taking over-the-counter pain medication will help ease the pain. 

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