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$89 Deal for Cleaning, X-Rays, and Exam!

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Looking to get a quick check up to make sure that your teeth are still in decent shape? Delaying dental work can cause the cost of eventual work to increase drastically, but more importantly your teeth could be needing vital work. Our newest deal offers a cleaning, x-rays, and an exam for the very low price of only $89!

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Our hygienists will greet and treat you in a gentle and caring manner while conducting a professional, comprehensive cleaning of your teeth and supporting tissue. They’re required to exceed all the requirements of their profession with emphasis on discovering and preventing dental diseases and disorders of the mouth. They are your first line in discovering decay and periodontal disease early, bringing it to your attention. They enhance our patient’s self esteem through their diligence and thoroughness.

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We are known for our system of clear digital x-rays that are the best standard in accuracy when recording structures in your mouth. They can be instantly displayed for your benefit and help the doctor discover and answer questions regarding your teeth and supporting tissues. This clarifies your condition and answers any questions you might have during the exam. They can also be sent immediately to your insurance company, or a specialist when it is necessary.

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After taking your x-rays, our experienced doctors will do a thorough exam of your mouth to get a better idea of how your teeth are faring. In many cases they will diagnose any issues and give you options for treatment. In the event that your smile is in tip-top shape, we will give you a friendly pat on the back and schedule your next routine check-up!

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