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Root Canal or Extraction? There May Be Another Option!

May 13, 2014

NOBODY LIKES TO HEAR “YOU NEED A ROOT CANAL!”or “THAT TOOTH NEEDS TO BE EXTRACTED!” when visiting a dentist. Yes, these certainly are the needed treatments in many cases where decay and/or infection have progressed too far and they are the only treatments left. As dentists we all have our share of patients coming in on an emergency basis who are experiencing pain, and it used to be expected that an extraction or root canal therapy were the last two choices. Not surprisingly, with the development of modern materials and treatments, a third choice has become available.

Using a procedure called “Pulp Capping”, dental materials called liners can be used where the removal of decay and/or old restoration comes close to or slightly exposes the main nerve chamber of the tooth, the Pulp, but where infection is minimal. In the past these liners were frequently used beneath dental restorations to redu

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